Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Every Girl Wants To Hear

While scrolling down on my Facebook wall feed, I found this nice tidbit that caught my attention.  The words that you speak can hurt, destroy, bring tears, and also bring love, happiness, and peace.  Why do people don't openly express their emotions is the biggest mystery to me.  Perhaps, it is because they feel that sharing feelings will make them soft or weak?  Perhaps, it is because they feel that it is not necessary.  I am sure that many of my readers can agree that it is in fact...NECESSARY!

However, if there is a man out there that is single, straight, disease and drama free, that can spiritually make love to mind like this man mentally made love to his girl...CALL ME! LOL


girl: thanks for the fun day
boy: no prob
girl: can i ask u a few question...
boy: sure
girl: and be honest...
girl: have i ever crossed ur mind?
boy: no
girl: do u like me?
boy: no
girl: do u want me?
boy: no
girl: would u cry if i left?
boy: no
girl: would u live for me?
boy: no
girl: would u do anything for me?
boy: no
girl: choose me or ur life?
boy: my life
the girl ran away in shock depression...the boy ran after her and told her....
the reason u never crossed my mind because u are always in my mind..
the reason why i don't like u is because i love u..
the reason i don't want u is because i need u...
the reason why i wouldn't cry if u leave is because I'll die if u do....
the reason i wouldn't live for u is because i would diefor u...
the reason I'm not willing to do anything for u is because i would do everything for u....
the reason i choose my life is because u are my life...
this words can really make a girl cry...sweetest thing that a girl ever dream of.....its easy to say rather than do...but actually the sayings is already a perfect moment for a love all those guys out ur girl...share the sweetest words u ever think of...coz that means a lot... ♥

What do you think reader?  Is this too cheesy for words?  Is there a man or woman who can mentally stimulate a persons mind?  Do this really exist?  PLEASE COMMENT.

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