Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yeah, I Can Fix It On My Own

This year, has been a true test of my own personal will power.  In 2012, I have realized my own personal strengths.  When something or someone isn't working, whether it's with a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, best friend, or professional relationship, the most difficult thing to do isn't to walk away.  However, staying away from being pulled back into these toxic relationships is the most difficult.

For example, imagine some of your toxic relationships as a flame of an open fire.  The mixture of red, blue, and gold can be intoxicating.  However, we know that if we put our hands on that flame or closer to the flame that we are going to get burned.  Therefore, would you continue to stay in a situation knowing that you are going to get burned or would you get the hell out? Would you go back to the situation when you know that the outcome isn't going to change?

Despite my feelings for people that was in my life, I had to take into account my own feelings. How did he or she make me feel?  How was I truly feeling?   Often times, I buried my own hurt and disappointment to make others happy.  This had to end.

I encourage everyone going into this new year to start considering your own feelings.  You can get burnt cause YOU put your hand under that open flame.  It is up to you to take yourself out of a hot or toxic situation.  Its not heartless to start putting yourself first for once.  It is heartless to allow people to stomp all over your heart and feelings.  This year, I have learned that I can fix it on my own.  Fix what, is a question you may ask.  I have learned to fix my own heart and to not let toxic people destroy me.  Now, its your turn.

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