Sunday, July 1, 2012

Memo Monday Blogging Contest

Welcome to Each Others Keepers, Memo Monday Blogging Contest.  Its very simple.  Become a follower via Google Friend Connect or Subscribe to Our RSS Feed, Become a Fan of the Facebook Page, and comment your most hillarious Monday memo...Below are 2 Monday memos examples:


To: My LIGHT company
From: A frustrated customer
Re: I'm not crazy

I know you probably think I have some Imaginary Friends from Light Company Syndrome and that I therefore keep faking my light problems for attention. I don't, and I haven't. They're real. Just because they seem to magically disappear when you're here doesn't mean they don't exist. It just means they're shy. light keeps flickering on and off.  And know, I have not called Ghost Busters.  As soon as my lights stay on for good, my complaints will go away.


To: My clumsy cocker
From: A broke
dog mom
Re: Your inability to stop tripping over your own feet

Please, Destiny, work on the balance. We've been off the vet's frequent flier list for awhile now. I really don't want to go back on it. I can't afford it. What do you say we try doggy ballet or yoga tomorrow?

Meanwhile, if you could stop screaming at ear-splitting decibels every time I'm out of your sight for 5 seconds, that would be great, too.


Please put your Monday Memo in the comment section below.  I will vote for the most funniest, motivational, or creative Monday Memo and you will receive a special ad linking back to your blog for an entire month and will qualify to win an Amazon Card valued at $100 dollars!