Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Am Not The Director of Communications of Your Negativity

I am not your therapist.  I am not your psychiatrist.  I am not your secretary, receptionist, or even your mediator.  If you have something to say to an individual that is not me, pick up the phone and call that person directly.  Better yet, speak to each other in person. Otherwise, I'm going to start charging you by the hour.

It is so easy to get rapped up in other people's drama that is not your own.  This stops now.  I know that we are Each Others Keepers but we are NOT Each Others "Damn" Fools.

Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with the things that they rather someone else deal with.  Rather than using a middle man, or in my case, a middle woman, DEAL WITH THE SITUATION DIRECTLY. 

Have you every found yourself having a great day but it all ends when you get a call about a NEGATIVE situation that someone else is going through?  Well, I realize that it is not the negative person fault but my own.  I have the power to END the NEGATIVITY.  If I don't accept it in my situation or environment then it won't have an effect on me.

Consider this my resignation.  I am no longer the Director of Communication of Your Negativity!

Have you had to end a relationship (friendship, family, or significant other) that always brought you down with their negativity?  How did you handle it?