Monday, June 11, 2012

Ask Yourself This Question: How Does Someone Else's Drama Effect You?

Over the past few years my list of people within my inner-circle has dwindled down. However, surprisingly, I am not torn up about it. In fact, I am very happy.  People can often break your spirits with their own drama and trouble.  Versus consistently being bothered or concerned about someone else's issues,  ask yourself, "how does this affect you?"

If I am focused on my own self-preservation, I don't have time to deal with any added negativity that isn't a result of my OWN doing.  You can easily be manipulated into becoming a part of someone's problems even when the problems isn't your own. 

Have you ever picked up the phone and spoke with a friend and got of the phone pissed because they were pissed?  Were you happy before you answered that call?  Start asking yourself how does this effect you! 

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