Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I talk to my cat, Catticus Finch, and he talks back to me. I think he works as a mechanic or something during the day because he always comes home dirty in the evening. And his little cat overalls with the patch that says "Catticus" on it kinda gives it away. We never talk about our jobs though.

You know...it's funny how I'll tell you that Michael Vick got railroaded over those dogs - that he deserved to be back into the league. How he should be one of the highest paid players in the NFL again. That people overreacted and still do about the situation. To be honest, that's because I don't like dogs the same way I like cats. If the whole thing were about cats, I would never speak Vick's name again.

About two years ago, I cold-turkeyed a perfectly good friendship with someone whom I considered to be one of my best associates. I remember the morning he and his friend came to my house and told me how they took a kitten and dropped it into the pit where the friend's dog lives. I remember how happy he seemed when he recreated the moment. He was so animated and visual. Anyone who could do that with no remorse has a serious problem, and I don't want to be around them for any amount of time. I just...stopped talking to him until he got the picture - or didn't.

Then I recently read about Gina Robins, the woman who microwaved her neighbor's kitten. The 31-year-old from the U.K. was allegedly in an abusive relationship, and her neighbor, 35-year-old Sarah Knutton called the police one night after hearing commotion at their home.  Gina's boyfriend was arrested, and Gina didn't like it one bit. There was a big argument about it, and Gina vowed to get revenge.

It was days since the argument and Gina was ready for payback. She went to Sarah's house and convinced her to let her heat up a jar of baby food in the microwave.  Instead, Gina grabbed one of Sarah's ten cats, and put it inside. When Sarah heard what sounded like a loud screeching noise in the kitchen, she yelled to ask Gina what the noise was. Gina said she didn't hear anything. A couple of minutes later she ran to where Sarah was to tell her that something horrible had happened in the kitchen. When she got to the kitchen, she saw her kitten in the microwave.

Gina said that the kitten must have smelled the food and gone in and one of the big ones shut the door...and apparently turned it on. The next day however, Gina sent Sarah a text message that said, "remember the saying, 'what goes around comes around'? It has already started to bite you...The cat? Karma."

Sarah possibly saved Gina's life when she called the police, and that's the kind of thanks she gets? See what I mean about people who harm cats? There's something not right with them mentally. You really have to be a numb person on the inside to even pull a move like that, and hopefully she will do some serious time because of it.

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