Monday, January 16, 2012

Doormats Are For Shoes, Not People

Learning to first love myself is one of the most valuable self-taught lessons that I could have ever learned.  How could someone love you without you knowing how to love yourself first?  Last year, I spoke on Each Other Keepers about positivity and overcoming obstacles.  This year, my theme will be about setting high standards for yourself and loving yourself first.

Never feel bad for having high standards for yourself.  My friends often say that I am so picky when it comes to making decisions such as where to eat, where to go, and I am definitely picky when it comes to men. There is nothing wrong with knowing who and what comes into your personal circle of life.

The person who has the authority on this plane of existence that knows what is best for YOU!  I feel so much better about myself when I set my own standards, no matter how high, and I stand by them.  I believe in the old saying that says, "You hang around dogs, you catch flees." By setting your own standards, you will attract those who respect you and have high standards of their own.
First KEEPERs Lesson of the Year:  Remember, you won't get anywhere by being someones doormat.  You will one day surround yourself with people who rise up and meet your standards.  It will be worth the wait!


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