Monday, November 7, 2011

Learn To Love Yourself Again

It does not always take a new hair style, a splash of paint across your nails, or a new wardrobe to prove that you love yourself more.  Loving yourself is about make choices.  Its about making decisions to make yourself a better person and to make your life happier.

For many years, I fell into this deep, dark depressive state where the only thing I did was work and go home.  I eventually did the most horrible thing that I can do...I stopped loving me!  I don't even know when or where or at what point that I started to sink into this hole.  Remember the last time that you was so hurt that you went to bed early and cried yourself to sleep?  Do you remember that feeling?   That was me.

Eventually, somehow, someway, I began a personal mission of LOVING ME.  Loving yourself is more about changing your outside appearance.  It is about changing the relationships in your life and making yourself better. I had to remember the people who hurt me so bad that I went to bed early.  I had to remember the people who betrayed me, lied to me, or talked about me behind my back.  There was a point that I had to take full ownership for my life.  I realized that I was hurt because I ALLOWED the hurt me!

Five years ago, Each Others Keeper, became my outlet.  I began this blog as a political blog and it eventually turned into an inspirational/motivational outlet for both my readers and myself.  Each Others Keeper is about finding that middle-ground between falling down and picking yourself back up again.  I feel down and I have picked myself back up. Your life is like a movie and you are the producer.  You choose your cast-mates.  You choose the extras.  You can role, play, cut, edit, and action every scene in your daily life.  LOVING YOURSELF BEGINS WITH YOU.  WHEN YOU START IS UP TO YOU!

I have had the privilege of having The Insane Asylum guest-writing on this blog.  Mr. Chap's writing style is very thought-provoking and makes you challenge your views and what you thought you knew.  I hope everyone enjoys his writing.  I will continue with my Thoughtful Thursdays segments and I hope you begin to comment more and also, go visit The Insane Asylum today!