Saturday, November 12, 2011

8 Types of Friendships

There are 8 types of friendships.  Did you know that?  I had no idea.  However, after blog-hopping and reading this online it made perfect sense?  After reading this, ask yourself which type of FRIEND are you?  Which types of FRIENDS do you have in your life?

ASSOCIATES are people who only share a common activity, like a sport or hobby. 
USEFUL CONTACTS are people who shared information and advice, typically related to work or advancing ones career.

FAVOR FRIENDS are people who helped each other out in a functional manner, but not in an emotional manner.

are people who socialized together, but only for fun. They didn’t provide each other with a deep level of emotional support.

are a combination of favor friends and fun friends. They socialized together and helped each other out in a functional manner.

COMFORTERS are like helpmates, but they also provided emotional support.

disclosed personal information to each other, enjoyed each other’s company, but weren’t always in a position to offer practical help, for example if they lived far away.

displayed all of the elements.