Saturday, October 29, 2011


There's no doubt about it, patients. Florida is the epitome of crazy. This is the story of a Palm Coast woman who was arrested for attacking her father over what has to be the strangest reason ever.

Police say Karen Henry asked her dad, Hubert, for some of his potato salad while he was eating dinner. When the 80-year-old denied her, she got angry to the point where she began throwing things and cursing - both at the direction of Hubert. She then grabbed a large knife and threatened to kill him, waving the knife in his face.

The elderly man managed to get a chair in between them so he could get to the bedroom and call for help. Flagler County police arrested Karen, but on the way to jail, she complained of abdominal pain. She was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler, where she was quickly treated for abdominal pain.

While she was getting dressed, deputies overheard Karen in her room on the phone telling Hubert to drop the charges. Because of that, in addition to being charged with aggravated assault (because she was definitely aggravated), a charge of tampering with a victim was also added.

Karen now resides at the Flagler County Inmate Facility where she is being held without bail, and without potato salad.

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