Sunday, June 5, 2011

Being Happy Doesn't Mean Everything Is Perfect

What is happiness?  The Wikipedia defines happiness as, "a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."  Lately, everyone has had their own point-of-view of whether or not I am happy.  I had to take some time to myself and start thinking of the most accurate response to their concerns.  This is primarily why I haven't been writing in 2 months.  Well, I am back and here is my answer.

Where as, there are many people who are unemployed, I have a full-time job in a law firm.  Where as, some people are not able to wake up every morning because they are dead, I am able to wake up every morning.  Where as, most people do not have transportation, I have my own car that I drive back and forth to the train station.  Where as, people are struggling to pay bills or living check-to-check, I am able to pay my own bills.  Where as, there are some people who have popularity contests by having so many other people in their life, I am content with the few friends that I consider my best friends.  I am starting to fall in love again.  I am falling in love with myself.  I am starting to take better care of myself and do things that make me content.

To sum it up, I AM HAPPY!  It comes a time when you have to stop molding your life into this form of what people think or how people think that your life should be.  I am not going to go sleep with the next guy that I see, get married, and have children, just because my family think that it will make me happy.  I want people to read this post and know that you have to do whatever it is to make yourself happy.  Being happy for someone else's sake, is just unhappiness in disguise.  It is not genuine. You must learn to be yourself and be happy for you!