Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Role Do You Play In The Negativity In Your Life?

He said, she said, they said, jealousy, envy, back-biting, hatred, and tears are what the NEGATIVITY TRAIN consists of.  There are many people who are nothing but walking negativity.  They are DREAM-KILLERS and FAITH-DESTROYERS.  With this said, we cannot continue to blame them for the misery that may come in our lives.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself, "What role do I play?". 

If you have a friend who does nothing but bring you down, WHY ARE YOU STILL FRIENDS WITH THEM?  If you have family members that does nothing but continue to hurt you, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO ALLOW THEM TO BE IN YOUR PRESENCE?  If you have someone that consistently calls you with gossip, WHY ARE STILL TALKING TO THAT PERSON?

I have learned to do whatever is necessary to keep my sanity and my happiness.  Truthfully, walking away from some personal relationships, is the hardest thing that one may ever have to do.  It will hurt like hell.  However, the end result is PEACE!  Whether it is letting go of a so-called friend, evil and jealous family members, or even an abusive or negative relationship, this is a positive necessity.  

  • Start your conversations positively.  If someone seems like they are going to give you that hot piece of gossip, let them know that you are on that POSITIVE TRAIL.  If they gossip with you, they talk about you. 
  • Sometimes you may even have to change your phone number, restrict your social networks, and simply let negative people go to get a peaceful state-of-mind.

  • Remember:  It is not about the quantity of people in your life, it is about the QUALITY of people in your life.  CONTROL THE QUALITY.
Stop saying, "I am going through so much."  That phrase is to overly used.  We are all going through a lot.  As long as you pay taxes, have bills, and politicians still exist, we are going through.  However, the bottom line is:  


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