Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Days of Truth, Day 1: Something I Hate About Myself

As I mentioned a few posts earlier, I'm participating in the 30 Days of Truth challenge.  If you are not quite sure of what the challenge is, click here.   I have decided that February is the perfect time to begin this challenge and for the next few days I will be posting consecutively.  It's a little odd exposing myself to blog readers, but I think it's a good exercise that will be beneficial.

My first, second, third, and fourth inclination here is to write that there is nothing that I hate about myself.  However, that isn't entirely being truthful, which is the whole point of this exercise.

So, here it goes.  I give positive advice to others but am always negative when it comes to my own situations.   I am the person that my friends would come to if they were in jail, need relationship advice, or having problems at home.  I have always been the strong and positive force for them.  I always tell them to, "Look on the bright side" or "Trouble doesn't last always".  However, secretly...I simply don't follow my own advice!

Overall, I really do believe the advice that I give my friends.  However, when I have a bad situation, to me...its the end of the world!  I can get depressed and seclusive.  People often have misconceptions of me.  I am the strong, positive, and happy-go-lucky-person without a problem in the world.  Yet, the truth is, I do have my own problems.  I simply don't go out and blab them to the entire world.  I have fears and may cry just like the next person can.

I have recognized this flaw a long time ago.  I have been working on my own faith and being positive in my own situations.  I guess, like everyone else, we are a WORK IN PROGRESS!