Friday, December 24, 2010

Substract The Negativity

Happy holidays to all of my family, friends, 
and loyal readers!

The best present that you can give yourself and others is positivity.  Without positivity, you are left with a whole bunch of hatred and negative energy.  I have seen this first-hand.  

There are so much that is going on in our lives, our families lives, and other people's lives.  But...guess what?  THAT'S LIFE.  SHIT HAPPENS!!! 

A positive thought can often turn the negative situation around.  So, if you haven't already, walk away from the negative situations, friends, and especially family!  Just because someone is down, doesn't mean you have to go down with them.

One person angry plus another person angry equals to be a whole bunch of angry people.  GO INTO THIS YEAR WITH A POSITIVE MIND + POSITIVE FAMILY + POSITIVE FRIENDS.  Start subtracting the negativity today!