Sunday, October 24, 2010

Edit Negative People From The Play Starring You

Walking away from friends, family, and relationships is the hardest things that you may ever have to do in life.  Trying to talk someone into being your friend, staying with you, or caring about you is pointless.  Someone once told me that in order to love others or know what love is, then you must first learn to love yourself.

It has been a while since I have written a post.  I guess you can say I had a case of writers blog.  But the truth is, I had to be silent for awhile.  I have taken the time to analyze those who are in my life, why they are in my life, and why I actually need them in my life.

Every person that comes in your life plays a particular role in the play that is starring, YOU!  Are they the villain, the co-star, the accessories, or the props?!  The great thing about plays is that they can be re-written and parts can be EDITED OUT!

You don't have to apologize have to apologize for wanted to be happy.  So before you begin complaining about the things that you are going through, please remember that you are the writer of your own play.  You can change how your life is going and walk away from hurt.

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from your negative family or friends?