Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sensational Saturdays: Never Give Up In Life

If you are ever in need of something to get you through the week, please look at this video.  I saw this on Facebook and I watched it from beginning to end.  This is truly the meaning of - NEVER GIVING UP!  This is so inspiring, heartfelt, and definitely something that I needed to see.

If you are a returning reader, you may have noticed that I have been doing some great things here at Each Others Keeper.  I am starting to write a little bit more, even though I still have quite a busy schedule.  I would love for all of my returning readers and new visitors to please subscribe to this blog for e-mail feeds, comment more often.  There is no spam.  

Please stay tuned for my Sensational Saturdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, and Motivational Mondays series.  I will still continue to posts more of my inspirational thoughts.  I will also be discussing more political and controversial issues within the next few weeks during my Thoughtful Thursdays series.  STAY TUNED!

Also, if you are a fellow blogger, please add this site to your blog roll.  THANKS :)

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