Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Best Blog Posts I've Ever Written Challenge

In about thirty-six days, my blog Each Others Keeper, will be two years old.  I starting writing in September 2008.  I began to develop an interest in blogging while reading other blogs, participating in discussions in the BlogCatalog, BlogEngage forums, and networking with fellow writers at Facebook Networked Blog.

I never would have anticipated blogging to connect me to so many wonderful people, most of whom are now good friends, all around the world.  Many of you have given me insight and inspiration over the years and I am very thankful and truly blessed!

In about 30 days or sooner, I will begin to switch this blog to its own domain, finally!  Therefore, as a celebration of my writing and a new beginning, I want to share with you some of my favorite blog posts I have ever written and offer you a challenge!

Separation of Religion and Politics
I started this blog at a time when all anyone could talk about was the presidential election.  During this time people was so interested in President Barack Obama's religion, then the actual issues he stood for.  The first person to ever write a comment was Michelle, from An Eclectic Array of Topics.  Thanks, Michelle!  At the time I didn't fully understand what I was doing, thus the very short post, and had all the typical questions a newbie has. Who will read it? What will I write about? What is a niche? And so on.

Everyone Is In Your Life For A Season & Friends Aren't Jumper Cables
Sorry, I couldn't pick just one!  The first post is about 7 Life Commandments that can get you through any obstacle, whether professional or personal.  The second post, well, the title says it all!

Date Your Own Kind?
Very controversial and interesting comments!

4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written
There are so many, but it's actually the Tony C Today blogs that have been a source of wisdom, reflection and inspiration. There is this particular post he had written called Sometimes the speaker is actually talking to you that I absolutely love.

5. A post with a title that you are proud of
Making my titles more interesting is definitely something that I have been working on.  But I would say that the Single Moms Are Bad For America was one of the most interesting titles and posts that I have written.  You would have to read it to understand why.

6. A post that you wish more people had read

7. Your most visited post ever
I'm am a 100% sure that this post have the most hits on a daily basis.   I wonder why... The Official Boyfriend Application.

CHALLENGE:  Create your own Best Blog Posts I've Ever Written post by answering the above questions.  Create a challenge to your own readers.  Please link back to this blog and comment.  I look forward to reading your own Best Blog Posts Ever post very soon!

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