Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You A Thinker, A Doer, or A Complainer?

"Now, 10 years later, the person who talked and complained is still talking and complaining and still remains in the same position. The person who took the initiative and found solutions has been promoted several times."

Maya Angelou is my favorite inspirational writers.  She wrote, "if you don't like something, change it.  If you can't change it, change your attitude.  Don't complain."  

There are two types of people in life.  There are the Thinkers and the Doers.  The Thinkers are the people who are who explore all of their options, open to new ideas, and are constantly trying to improve or change the way things are done.  Their strengths are the willingness to try new things, new processes, and be creative.  In addition, they research the processes and issues required to bring these new concepts to market.  Their weakness is they are overly analytical and can often have a know-it-all complex.

The Doers are the people who get things done immediately.  They recognize an efficient and effective process and don't appreciate tinkering with the process or with people who introduce a lot of change.  Doers don't really like change all that much, since change is disruptive to the existing norms and processes.  Their weaknesses is that they complain about all that they do and why they do what they do.

Though I can often be guilty of it, I tell people to stop complaining all the time.  If you have a problem, find a solution.  If you are tired of doing something, then STOP doing it!  ASK YOURSELF THIS - WHO BENEFITS FROM YOUR COMPLAINING.  It is extra energy and time being wasted!

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