Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adult-ness: Who Are You Associating With? [PART 1]

What qualifies someone as an adult?  Is it a mindset, certain actions, age, or something else?  Do you feel like you are an adult now?   
The Meredith-Webster Online Dictionary defines an "adult" as a person who is fully developed and mature.  The legal definition of an "adult" is a person who by virtue of attaining a certain age, generally eighteen, is regarded in the eyes of the law as being able to manage his or her own affairs.
As a child, I had this board game called The Game of Life.  This game simulates a person's travels through his or her life, from college to retirement, with jobs, marriages and children (or not) along the way.  When I was a teenager, I always had this perception of what it meant to be an adult.  Being an adult meant that you had your own car, job, home, and was completely independent to make your own decisions.  The reality is that real life is not so clean cut.

The two common components in the definition of an adult is a person that is mature and able to manage his or her own affairs.  There is a big difference between the terms "being an adult" and "taking on adult responsibilities".  As an adult, you are in the real world and your role takes on a vast majority of your life.  You have to be responsible for yourself and less dependent on others to make decisions for you.  You have to be your own man or woman.

Being an adult is about responsibility and being very cautious with who you associate with.   This affects the quality of our choices we make in life, and our choices are just like a steering wheel in a car that navigate us through our lives!  

I will be presently you with a 
three-part series of what is and is not an adult.  
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