Friday, June 18, 2010

Stop Blaming Me Cause You Are Miserable

Let me let you on in one a little secret.  Whoever came up with the phrase, "misery loves company" was certainly telling the truth.  Misery definitely loves company.  I have been going over the interactions I've had within my home, on the job, and among my friends.  Have I said something offensive?  Have I come across negative?  I analyze my own attitude.  Today, I've come to a very important conclusion.  ITS NOT ABOUT ME!  They are miserable and they want some company!

I understand that everyone has bad days.  I certainly do.  There are times when I just don't want to be bothered.  Perhaps there is family drama, a feeling of being overworked, or just going through some tough times.  Yet, is that an excuse to be rude, talk negative to someone, try to start some sh**, be dismissive, or just plain ignorant?

Lately, I have been talked to like I am a child and treated in such a rude way.  What doesn't or who doesn't help the situation, is what I like to call - THE ENABLERS.  Who is an "enabler"?  An enabler is someone who enables another to persist in self-destructive or negative behavior by providing excuse or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior.  

This "enabler" keep making excuses as to why Mr. or Ms. Misery is DAMN miserable!  There is always that classic excuse of, "Their going through something right now" or "They don't have a problem with you" or "You always taking things the wrong way".  The reality is -- WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH SOMETHING!  If you know someone is wrong, tell them that it is wrong.  Don't keep making excuses for them.  Right is right and wrong is wrong!

I guess if you go to church and ask God in a prayer, it should make it alright?  WRONG!  You shouldn't treat anyone with disrespect or negatively.  There is no excuse for that behavior.  Why is it so hard to say those words?  You know those words you should say when you are wrong - "I'M SORRY".   

I will tell you exactly why Mr. and/or Ms. Misery cannot say those simple two words, "I'm sorry", its because of pride.  When you become so full of pride, it will begin to eat at you until you learn how to let go.  As the Bible says, "After the pride cometh the fall."  This means that you are not humble.  Its called arrogance and ignorance.  A humble person can easily admit when they are wrong, without blaming the whole world for their problems.  A humble person can look within themselves to see if there are some changes to be made.

Its not ok to treat people like crap.  You get back what you give out.  This is called Cause and Effect.  You get back what you put in.  Stop blaming others for your life.  Stop making other people feel unhappy.  Stop holding onto grudges.  If its a case of whether you do not like me or another person, let them know and walk away!  Stop being phony.  Just because you think you are alright because of your Enabler doesn't make it true.  When it gets to a point where people have to tip toe around you, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!

As of this very moment, you need to make positive steps in your life.  Change for the better.  BE THE CHANGE!

Do you have a Mr. or Ms. Misery in your life?
How do you deal with negative people?
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