Saturday, June 5, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: The Crazy Break Up Letter

I was web surfing online and came across this compilation of breakup letters at the Huffington Post.  These letters were so funny.  It even includes a breakup letter from a cheater!  It was full of misspelling, bad handwriting, and was simply hilarious.  It amazes me that adults that are in relationship cannot find an adult way to breakup with someone.  I personally thing that breaking up via text, e-mail, or a letter is a chicken way out of a situation.  Take a look at these letters and tell me what you think.  Click the title of this blog to comment!  

 I guess the best way to get your significant others attention is to post a message on a billboard!

 I guess he isn't as BIG as he thought he was.  Hilarious!!!

I guess this couple had a serious communication problem.

Overall, I thought these letters were hilarious.  However, I couldn't even imagine doing something like this or even having it done to me.  What do you think?  
What is the best way to breakup:  In Person, Phone, E-mail, Billboard, Text? 

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