Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tweet Thursday

Ok, here is an idea that I got from The Screaming Me-Me.  Its an excellent humor blog by the way.  Each Thursday I will tweet everyone's most recent post just for leaving a comment.  I am also giving linky love. It's such an easy way to get your blog promoted! Now, if you are not already following me on Twitter, how will you know if I actually tweeted your blog post to my followers? Simple, follow me on Twitter then you'll receive confirmation of your tweet.

It takes only seconds to post a tweet or retweet a post.  Therefore, come on and join the Tweet Thursday bandwagon!

Would you like to add "Tweet Thursday!" to your blog? Simply copy and paste the button to your blog then link it to your announcement so your readers will know to visit and comment every Thursday to receive their tweet. Thur-weet!

So, leave a comment and get your first tweet today!