Friday, May 14, 2010

No Legs, No Arms, But A New Focus

After looking far and wide, I have finally found a new look for my Each Others Keeper blog.  Now, after almost two years,  it is time to take this blog to the next level!

I had worked nights two years ago and had a lot of time on my hands.  I always considered myself a little "techno-savvy" so I had did some research and came up with a politics driven blog.  During this time, I was writing about Bush vs. Obama vs. Palin vs. Clinton election and my personal views of the needs of my community.  After a while, I began to write about a mixture of things.  Whatever I felt about, I just began to write about.  Below are just some of the blog posts that I have written:

During this past year, I have been very active on Facebook.  I often post statuses about quotes of inspiration, motivation, and being able to remove negative forces out of your life.  This has been a help for both my Facebook friends and myself.  Thus, I have decided to focus on a niche for this blog.

Each Others Keeper will be about motivating and inspiring people to stay positive and flush out all the negativity in their lives.  One of my favorite quote is:

For all of you that said I wouldn't... I have. For the ones that said I can't... I can. For the ones that said I aint... I am. For all of you that said I didn't... Well guess what.... I did.

This is the new mission for my blog.  There are so many negative people, whether they are family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or people at work, that love to see you unhappy and to not succeed.  Their happiness is your unhappiness.  Now it is time to take back our happiness!

What Would I See At This Blog? -  You will see Music Motivational Mondays to get you through the week.  You will see Wordless Wednesdays and tales of personal trials and tribulations.

What About Politics?  -  If there is anything that people need inspiration for, it is the various issues within our government.  This blog will cover a wide-range of inspirational-focused and tribulation-focused topics.

Take a look at this video.  This man has no arms, no legs, and no feet.  However, he is still not complaining and pushing forward.  Of all the things that are going on in your life, does it make you look at things differently?

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