Friday, May 21, 2010


I know that there are a lot of writers, bloggers, and website owners that always trying to figure out the best way to increase their readership and have a true following on their blog.  I have been blogging for two years now and have done a lot of research on how to increase my blog traffic.  I do know that what works for me may not work for everyone else. However, there is on program that is guaranteed to give you FREE INSTANT TRAFFIC and FREE ADVERTISING.  That program is Entrecard.  Below is a couple of questions and answers you may have about the program.

Entrecard is a program that is designed to allow a blog or website owner to advertise on his or her blog and keep some advertisements in the blog or website.  This program promotes, "blog walking" through your entrecard widget and helps you network with other users that has the same niche as you, increase your blog traffic, earn EC (Entrecard Credits), and free advertisement on other sites.

Entrecard is free to join.  No gimmicks or pop ups or any other gimmicks within this program.  All you have to do is sign up.  Click below to join ENTRECARD.  When you sign up, you simply give the following: a valid email address, the category of your blog or site niche, entrecard style (you can upload a picture 125x125, badge,or just select any default style), and blog URL.  Finally, grab the code for your "Entrecard Widget".  For Blogger Users: After copying the code, Login to your “Blogger Account”,”Dashboard”, “Layout”, “Add A Gadget” and paste the Code and Save. Now the Entrecard Widget will appear on your blog. Your blog has now been submitted to Entrecard moderation team for approval. All other Wordpress and website users will have to follow a similar to procedure to add a widget to your blog.  You will receive an email once your blog has been reviewed and approved.

-  Get on the Blog Walk:  Once your Entrecard widget is on your blog or site, you can start showing advertisements by logging in to your Entrecard account, and in the Dashboard, where you can see “Drops inbox”. Click on that, to see different blogs (date wise arranged) who visited your blog and “dropped“ you. Now a click on any of those will take you to that blog. Find the Entrecard Gadget in that blog. You can see a small tab called “Drop” where you had to click. Now it will return as “Thanks”. This means you will be in the “Drops inbox” of that blogger and whenever that blogger looks into the ‘Drop inbox”, will see your blog. This process is called Blog walk and automatically prompting bloggers to visit back their visitors. This process also will help you to earn more EC (Entrecard Credits)

-Buy Advertisements for Free: Once you earn Entrecard Credits, then you can utilize those credits to display an advertisement of your blog/website in another blog/website. Login to Entrecard, go to “Dashboard” and then to “Campaign”. Here you can find blogs based upon category, popular, cheap or random. By searching here, to find a blog where you can advertise is quite easy. Here you can see our blog appearing in this Campaign. From this you can understand that if you want to advertisement in my blog, then you had to wait for 5 days and when you advertise on my blog, 32 EC will be deducted from your EC account. This EC will be credited in my account. Once you select a blog of your choice, simple click on “Advertise” tab as seen in this picture. Advertisement of your blog will come on that blog automatically on due date. Those bloggers who visit the blog that shows your advertisement will see your advertisement resulting in more visitors to your blog. So while preparing advertisements, use good pictures in your Widget to represent your blog.

-Participate in EntreCard contests.  There are so many of them.  You simple have to google to find out or go on a blog walk.
-Refer others and when 300 CREDITS!  You can use these credits to advertise on others blogs.  I personally try to advertise on either the bigger advertiser or the most popular blog within my niche.  This generates tons of traffic.
-Drop on other EntreCards.  Dropping on other Entrecards will earn you 2 credits per drop and will increase as you go along.
-Buying credits.  I don't suggest that you use this feature.  It really isn't necessary.  If you are dropping on cards and referring other people, you have all that you need.

Now that you know what EntreCard is for and how to use it, give it a try.  Join today.  Again, I have been using this for two years and it has been great.  This isn't some click-through gimmick, this is a way to get genuine readership.
SECRET CONTEST:  First 5 non-Entrecard members who join and stay with Entrecard for 14 days, will receive free advertisement on my blog for 3 months.  Simply click on any other links within this post and join Entrecard.  Place the widget on your blog.  In addition, please submit one comment on this post, follow this blog, and/or share it via facebook.  First 5 Entrecard members who leave a comment, follows this blog, and share it via facebook, will automatically enter for 5000 Entrecard credits that will be given at the end of this month!!!  THAT SIMPLE :)