Saturday, April 24, 2010

Size 12 Is Not Fat

Work has been boring lately.  It is so boring that I have developed a routine of going to the library to find something to reading at work during my spare time.  As I was searching for the perfect not-so-short and not-so-long mystery book to read, I came across this book called "Size 12 Is Not Fat" by Meg Cabot.

I chuckled when I read the back cover of this book.  The heroine, Heather, is a Assistant Residence Hall Manager.  Some of Heather's residents are being killed on the elevator.  Yet, what reeled me into the book was its sub-plot about feeling good about yourself regardless of your size.  Oh, you might want to know why I chuckled.  I was just tickled since I had also previously worked in a Residence Hall and was also a Assistant Residence Hall Manager.  I also can definitely relate to both dealing with a bunch of teenage hormones, rowdy guests, and self-confidence.

I am not a size 10.  I am not huge either.  I consider myself slightly overweight with curves in all the right places.  However, I am not 300 lbs.  While reading this book, I really wish that young people can have as much confidence in themselves as the heroine, Heather, does.  The media consistently brain-wash women and youth into thinking that the perfect size and shape is a size 2.  Most magazine covers have pretty pictures of women that look very sickly.  Some models bones are visible.  This isn't healthy and the image that we should be depicting to our youth.  The plus size models that are on the magazine covers are a size 7.  In society standards, size 7 through size 10 is plus size and size 10 and above is super-plus size. 

After I finally finished reading my book, I was excited to get the second book of the series.  It is called "Size 14 Is Not Fat Either" by Meg Cabot.  I haven't finished reading it yet, but both the plot and sub-plots are addictive.  Having your bones stick out and looking like you are from one of those third-world countries isn't pretty.  A women should be healthy and confident.  The media should entertain the average size of a woman in their advertisement.  Every time I see a Victoria Secrets commercial, I want to through a shoe at the television.  The average size is not size 0 or 2.  Real women have curves. 

Check out this Lane Bryant commercial that have been banned.  Yes, I said banned.  In comparison to Victoria Secret commercials, I am shocked and disappointed.  Also, check out the book to.  This isn't a book review blog.  However, I felt the need to share.