Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Have you ever overheard something that wasn't meant for you to hear?  For example, someone who accidentally called your phone but didn't know that the phone was on.  Well, this happened to me today.

Today started off mediocre.  I began my usual routine of waking up and getting ready for the early morning commute.  I have to be parked downtown by a certain time to avoid paying $28 for parking.  If I am there early, I get a discount amount of $14.  Therefore, I made it on time, barely (I had to stop for gas). A majority of my days are very, very slow.  However, today it was unusually busy.  I had so many visitors come in that it was almost overwhelming.  I placed a call before the end of my busy day to make sure that I had enough parking fare to park downtown for the next 2 days.  Arrangements were made and call had ended.  Fast Forward five minutes later...

After speaking with someone of the phone, my phone suddenly rang.  I kept saying hello over and over.  I didn't get a response.  Then I heard my name and I couldn't hang up.  Then, I kept hearing so much other negative things about me.  Then, I heard that I spent my money...yes, I said my money, on food.  In addition, I heard that I don't think that this particular person would accomplish the goal that they set out.  I heard a whole lot of other stuff but these were the most important.  I was listening for seven minutes.  After hearing me being talked about like a dog, I decided to hang up.  I was furious.  

Later, I had conversations in my head as I thought of ways to confront those people involved.  Were they classmates?  No.  Were they friends at work?  No.  Is it domestic related?  No.  It was so-called family!

As I drove on the e-way, I was furious.  However, I decided to try to focus on something new.   Therefore, I cut my phone off, turned off the radio, and started to pray.  I was so visibly upset that the car next to me ask if I was okay.  I started to ponder on everything that I heard.

There are times when the people that you least expect can take you for granted.  I have always be accustomed to people making speculations or assumptions about who I dated or why I am not dating to who I am friends with to why I shouldn't be friends with this person to how to live and so much other stuff.  I thought that I had made attempts to be supportive.  However, there is always that 1 person that can turn that support into a negative way.  What to do?

I will walk away.  If I offer unconditional support to family and/or friends and they don't appreciate it, then I shall walk away.  Life is to short to be dealing with people that talk about you behind your back.  These are the same ones that say that other people talk bad behind you back.  The things is other people didn't get caught, they did!

I encourage everyone who is reading this to continue to have the loving heart that you always have.  However, do not be taken for granted.  Trust me, it will hurt in the long run.  Now, as I am writing this, it is time for me to continue with my life goals that I have often halted for others.  It times for all my children to continue with the days of our lives cause we only have one life to live. ITS TIME FOR ME TO GET BACK UP AGAIN!


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