Thursday, April 1, 2010

Caller Complains Too Many Black People Call In To C-SPAN

I was on Facebook last night and a friend of my sent me a video.  After watching this video, I became extra heated.  I am angry not only as a black person but as an American.  LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO AND SEE BELOW FOR MY RESPONSE.

This caller calls in and says that "He wants to make a respectful criticism about C-SPAN."  What is so respectful about saying that "there are some many of THEM" calling in and "you should change your name from C-SPAN to Black Span".  Was this a joke?  

I was under the assumption that C-Span and other shows like that is an open-forum for people of all races to voice their opinion in a respectful matter.  After viewing this video, I later clicked the YOUTUBE link and viewed the comments that this video has generated.  I have listed some below:

  •  "Is it possible that more blacks call in? No, it's not possible because of statistics. There are 70 % whites  compared to 13 % blacks in the country so it's not possible that more blacks call in. it's conceivably impossible.  That's why the white gentleman called in and said that. Understand?" 
  • "C-SPAN and the government should be whites only. The niggers should call in animal planet. Gorillas answering questions would be more suitable for them."
  • "Jesus loves me because I am a human. He doesn't love you because you are a nigger."
We have taken so many steps forward and now I feel like we are decades back.  This is disgusting.  When are people, all people, are going to realize that we need each other to survive in this world.  Racism equals hatred.  It is not ok to hate.  Black people are allowed to Republican, Democrat, Independant, and within any other party that they choose.  I advocated for President Barack Obama because of his issues and not because I am black.  Do I agree with everything he has done since entering office?  The answer is no.

I really encourage anyone who has this negative and racist view to go back to school and become educated.  Not every black person is a Democrat.  There is no black person with the name, Nigger, on their birth certificate.  I am shocked and disappointed at C-Span and the host of this show.  They should have ended it right away.  If it was a black person calling in and calling all white people, Hunkies or trailer-trash or ghost, it would have been a different show.

We must learn to respect each other.  Our lack of respect is the reason for so many wars, so many deaths, and so much destruction.