Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pediatrician Molested 103 Children and Babies

Chicago traffic was crazy this morning.  Normally, I turn on a CD or flip through radio stations.  However, today, I decided to listen to the news.  In Delaware, a pediatrician, Earl Bradley, was indicted on 103 counts of sexual abuse of young patients.  When I first heard this, I thought that he should get the death penalty.

Earl would video tape his sexual acts with these children while the children's parents waited in the other room.  If it was my child, I would have killed him.  What type of person would do such as thing?

I don't believe that the justice system should decide whether someone lives or dies.  However, this case is my exception to the rule.  It is inhumane to hurt a living being, especially a child or a baby.  These children cannot defend themselves.  They don't know what is right or wrong.  I hope they through the book at him.

I just urge all parents or guardians to be extra careful of strangers or other people around the children.  Some people may think that they can trust the doctor, pediatrician, clergyman, or teacher.  However, you don't know who you really can trust.  Keep your child close to you.  Stay in the room with your child at the doctors office and be visible at school.

Comment Question:  What would you do if this was child?
                                     What do you think of Earl Bradley?