Sunday, October 4, 2009

Real Women Have Curves

There was this particular dress that I saw in Vibe Magazine one day.  It was stunning.  It wasn't too form fitting.  However, it could show the curves that you wanted to reveal.  Therefore, I went with my friend to try to get this particular dress.  It was pink and black, not too short, and revealed just the right amount of cleavage. When I first went into the store, before zooming in on what I particularly wanted, I saw that all the dresses were size 10 and below.  However, that didn't stop me.  I just assumed that they put the plus size clothing in the back like they always do.

My friend and I went to the back of the store for the dress.  Of course, it was there just begging for me to find the right shoes and accessories.  I went through all of the dresses.  Finally, a sales associate came and asked if we needed any help.  In fact, she asked my friend and not me.  I knew right then and there that I will never be able to have what I wanted unless I was a particular size.

After reading a recent issue of Glamour magazine and looking at this particular article, I realize that "skinny bitches" are far too overrated.  I admire these women that choose to go onto a magazine and strut there stuff.  Mind you, I am  NOT overly overweight.  However, I am not a size 10 either.  This article made me feel more confident.  The truth is the average weight of a woman is size 14.  Yes, size 14!

 Be yourself is very important!  
Embracing yourself is even more important!  
Loving yourself is a victory!

Comment Questions:
   Do you embrace yourself?  Do you think that magazines, newspaper, and media do not truly depict the average body weight and look?  Are you happy with yourself?  Please comment.

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