Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We All Have To Die Of Something

A long time ago, someone once told me, "We all die of something". I never understood what that saying meant until recently...

I was watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Its about a man who ages in reverse. It is a tale of a baby that was born in a old body. It just shows that there are struggles of youth and of the elderly. Its how you deal with the struggles that determine your life and your character. That is the moral of the movie.

What we know for sure are a few undeniable facts: (1) We Live, (2) We pay taxes, and (3) We will all die. Its what happens in between the being born and dieing that determines our life and character.

I have to admit that as wars continue to bankrupt our country, the government argue over health care, unemployment numbers continue to go up and down and up again, food and gas prices soar, the world may be looking like "hell on earth", literally. It is quite depressing at times.

As World Suicide Prevention Day approaches on September 10th, I want to encourage everyone that is reading this blog to write a list. Do not write a bucket list. Write a list of what else you want to accomplish while you are still living. We will all die of something. Whether it is heart disease, cancer, debt, stress, or just old age, we will all eventually go. However, it is important to focus on living your life no matter what.

I have had so many days where I went into my bedroom and was very depressed. I came so close, so many times. You see, when you think of committing suicide, you only want to hurt yourself. That is the intention. However, I realized that I would be hurting the people that truly love and care about me. Please find a reason to live. The fact is that though we will all die of something, we can live a life that's worth EVERYTHING!

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“We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”
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