Monday, September 21, 2009

Let Me Be Me

I was online today looking for some good music.  I happened to come across this song by Cheryl Pepsii Riley called "Let Me Be Me" on YouTube.  Its kinda ironic that this one song made me want to blog tonight.  This one song describes me and what I have been through completely.  If you really want to know me, then you should definitely keep reading.

Family, friends, people that have come in and out of my life, have judged me and wanted to change some aspects of my personality.  I can best describe myself as a loyal daughter and sibling, hardworker, best friend, and a great person.  Its just recently, I have to tell people to just "Let Me Be Me".

One of the verses of this song is, "If I can have anything in the world, what would I do", and the answer was simple.  "Let me be me".  Some people would put labels on you such as, people pleaser, negative or positive, naive,  lonely, crazy, etc.  I am learning to start tell people to simple, "Let Me Be Me".

It's funny as I think
Of how I wasn't always here
I usta to be a people pleaser
'Cause I really thought they cared
(Everybody's got opinions)
But everybody's got opinions
On what they think u should be
Hey, I was so glad the day
(I am so glad)
I learned to say just let me be me

If you listen to the lyrics, I know that it will speak to you too.   It took me almost over 20 some odd years to figure out that 'everyone got opinions on what they think u should be'.  It took me a long to time to realize that it is okay being me.   Some people will have so much assumptions on how you should live your life and who should be in it or out of it.   There are some negative and jealous people who will talk and nag about various aspects of you as a person and want to change aspects of your personality and your life.

(I know that I'm strong)
I don't need to fit in
I don't need to belong
(I know who I am)
And it's okay by me
U don't understand 'cause
(I'll continue to grow)
And the first step for me
Was when I learned to say no
(If u can't get wit me)
If u can't get wit me
Just don't judge me
I just wanna be me

I have finally learned as a young woman and as a human being that it is okay being me.  I don't need someones elses' approval or validation.  At the end of the day, I have to answer to whom I need to answer to. JUST LET ME BE ME!

Don't let anyone break the reflection of who you really are.
Make Yourself Happy! 

Do you have people that judge you and your life?
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