Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unemployed Workers Must Take A Drug Test

Waiting patiently til 8:30 a.m. til the unemployment office open may be a very humiliating and stressful experience. Due to the worsening economy, many people are still forced to rely on unemployment, food stamps, and other state assistance. Regardless of the minimal efforts of President Barack Obama, many companies have no other choice but to lay off workers to avoid bankruptcy. Despite, Americans struggle, humiliation, and on-going dependence on unemployment, the U.S. will be implementing a law to force job seekers (unemployed) to take random drug tests.

There are a huge percentage of people that have become depressed, alcoholics, drug users, etc., due to this horrible economy. I do not condone none of the above, however, applying for and receiving state assistance is humiliating enough. Yet, lawmakers want to enforce random drug testing for the unemployed. The unemployed are clearly victims of their environment. Yet, they must be forced to pay for it.

Do you think that the unemployed be required to take a drug test? Is it a violation of our human rights? What do you think of this post?

Full story here.

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