Monday, April 13, 2009

The Puppy and The People

As many of you may know, my favorite pets are dogs or puppies. Yet, I wasn't always fascinated about dogs, puppies, or any animal as a matter of fact, until I got older. However, I have grown to love them and kind of admire them also. They have the natural ability to roam around freely, don't have any worries, and can easily eat whatever they find. The only thing that they requires, is what we all require, that is love. Below are some of my pets or beloved pets of family members.

Ruffles, Died in 2008

Baby, Lost in 2008

Destiny, My New Baby of 2009

Amber, Lili's Baby

Dogs and puppies are just like people. They have their mood swings, always need attention, and have to eat and sleep, just like the rest of us. They are naturally playful. You should always treat your pet or all animals the way you want to be treated. Do not abuse them, because you may become abused yourself...emotionally. You never know when your beloved will die or runaway on you. Therefore, I encourage all animal lovers or animal haters to please treat animals with love, respect, and consideration.

If you have a pet that has a funny story or have other comments, please comment now. This is love all animals central people!!!