Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My 10 Best Women Bloggers on BlogCatalog (Part I)

Beginning in the month of May, I will start talking more about women struggles, issues, motherhood, relationships, politics and most importantly, unequal opportunity. I have been blogging for a little over ten months now on blogger. It has been both a struggle and a joy to continue to write and express my views.

The best part of blogging is that it is a form of online communication revolution that speaks to complete strangers for the most part. I visit other fellow bloggers and I get nice comments and dedicated followers in return.

I think that some of the blogs that I have read are humorous, full of life lessons, captivating, and noteworthy. Well enough about me...just kidding. I have chosen some of my top 10 favorite women bloggers. These bloggers have very good and different writing styles, they have touched my life by their views, they taught me about being a better writer, they made me cry and laugh, and they inspire me to continue blogging and become one of them.


Michelle is the first blogger that I added to my blogroll and took me under her wing. I call her my Blog Momma. Her blog is called "An Eclectic Array of Topics". Her blog is not only one of the best political blogs that is fact-based, researched, and thorough, but she also writes about Jenny. Jenny is her dog. She has so many cute and funny stories of her own that she needs her own It doesn't matter how you view politics or life issues. Somehow, Michelle, manages to give you the ability to visualize a certain point of view. She has definitely made my writing better. She is not on BlogCatalog, but I am trying to get her to join our revolution.

When I first signed up for BlogCatalog back in October 2008, I was literally like a deer (blogger) in headlights. I had no idea what I was doing, how to promote my blog, how to get dedicated readers, and most importantly, the twenty five steps to increase blog traffic is still beneficial to me. I have to admit that when I started BlogCatalog that she has been such a participator that I thought that she was one of the creators or owners. Looking at her One Cool Site: Blogging Tips blog gives me new information every day. Even if you have been blogging for years, you learn something new.

Wordless Wednesday, family, friends, and good old fashion music, is how I would describe Sandra's blog. I am no longer a closet fan of country music thanks to what I call the friendship song at This Tells You All You Need To Know . This is just one of those blogs that you have to just feel the intensity behind the pictures, the humor from the stories, and the love of music. I love your writing Super Mae.

For my daily humor and I do mean daily, I love The Screaming Me-Me!!!. I would say hands-down she has the best humorous blog that I have seen. I send a lot of her posts to my friends view e-mail or tell them to go check out her blog. There are times that I just need to laugh and smile. I do both when I see this blog. Like timethief, she is also a very active member of BlogCatalog.

These are just a few of the women of the blogging world that I have high regards with on blogging. I will post the other 6 women bloggers on May 1st. Its is amazing that women of different races, religions, political backgrounds and culture views can bring women to empowerment. I encourage everyone to view these wonderful blogs and follow and subscribe to them as well. We are all online to change the world.