Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KNOWING When You Are Gonna Die

I watched the movie Knowing tonight. It is definitely a must see. If you knew when specific events like plane crashes, bomb explosions, 9/11 resulting in numerous of deaths, would you try to prevent?
This movie made me think about how realistic that it can be. Just imagine someone with a special and unique gift or someone that came across information of future calamities. If you tell the police or the FBI, they may think that you are just crazy, ignore you, or probably accuse you of treason.

Knowing when you are going to die, when something bad is going to happen, or when a real tragic event will occur may be more of a curse then a blessing. With that type of knowledge, you can live your life in fear. You can also live your life in danger by trying to prevent something that is predetermined or destined to occur.

Again, I rarely encourage people to go see a movie on my blog. However, this was very though provoking.

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If you knew when you were going to die, would you try to prevent it.? If you came across a prediction that can prevent another 9/11 would you try to prevent it? Is a good to know or better not knowing?