Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jezebale For Sale: Legalize Prostitution

What does models, singers, athletes, construction workers, strippers, and farmers have in common? They all use their bodies to earn a living. The average U.S. worker provides some sort of physical activity for which they receive their income. Why should prostitution be any different?

I don't condone prostitution. However, I consider myself a realist. The government suggests that cigarettes is bad for your health, yet cigarettes are legal. Guns are hazardous in the wrong hands, yet they are available. In certain states, they are even legalizing marijuana. Guns, cigarettes, alcohol, are all the things that have been suggested is "bad for your health". Yet, these are all legal and taxed. Therefore, I believe that we can help the economy if prostitution was legal and taxed.

I believe that prostitution sheds a horrible light for most women. However, it is the oldest profession in history. This is a fact. Despite the religious influence, socialism, cultural precedence of prostitution in the United States, there are things in our economy we obviously cannot escape and ignore. Racism and prejudice will never go away. Guns, cigarettes, alcohol, or prostitution will not go away in our lifetime. I am suggesting that if women are willing to profit by receiving compensation for service served, it should rightfully be taxed as in any profession. The economy should benefit from it.

Police personnel and courtrooms are currently overburdened with these cases, having little or no impact on prostitution. The prostitutes and their customers pay their fines and are back to the streets in no time in a revolving door process. Catch and release may work for recreational fishing but it has no deterring affect on prostitution.
Our legal system penalizes prostitutes and their customers for what they do as consenting adults. Money is still spent on law enforcement efforts to catch prostitutes and their customers. Once caught, justice departments have to process these people through very expensive systems. All of this money is tax payers hard earned dollars. Is it worth it? Is prohibiting the oldest profession worth it?

"Making prostitution legal will allow the act to be managed instead of ignored. Pimps and organized crime figures, who regularly treat their workers on subhuman levels, would no longer control women. In some countries, prostitute rings buy and sell women on the black market, force their women to comply through violence and create unhealthy working conditions. When prostitutes operate independently and in secret, many times they become abused by their own customers."(Liberator)

Legalized, regulated prostitution has many benefits. Encounters can happen within controlled environments that bring about safety for both the customers and the prostitutes. Prostitutes would no longer be strong-armed by pimps or organized crime rings. Underage prostitution would be curtailed. There would also be health-safety improvements.

What are your thoughts? Should prostitution be officially legalized and taxed? What are your thoughts?