Thursday, February 19, 2009

He Hit Me and I Let Him!

I saw this video on Youtube. You definitely have to watch it in its entirety. I have always been that type of person that said that I would never let a guy hit me. I have always told my friends that were stupid as hell for letting a man beat up on them. I kept stating this, until several years ago I was in my own horrid situation.
People have their own opinions about what other people should do in various situations. However, it is very different if you are experiencing it on your own. Low self-esteem and other issues plays a huge factor in various decisions or issues that you choose to partake in. During that time, I had no one but God to confide in. However, when I decided to involve my family into the situation, I got of that predicament. Unfortunately, there are so many woman that are as lucky as I was. I have a very close friend that was in the same abuse situation that I was in. There are times when you can only encourage people that they are beautiful and that they can do so much better. Sometimes you have to tell others and yourself that you are a pretty butterfly until they themselves start believing in it. You just have to hope that they find their self-belief before it is too late.

If your friend is being abused, you can help by:
  • Educating yourself about abuse and sharing this information with your friend

  • Explaining to her/him that assault is against the law, even in relationships

  • Expressing your concern and support for her/him

  • Encouraging her/him to be who they want to be

  • Listening an believing her/him

  • Not asking blaming questions like, "Well, what did you do to make him/her do that?" or "Why don't you just break up with him/her?"

  • Telling her/him that she/he did not cause or deserve the abuse

  • Encouraging her/him to confide in a trusted adult

  • Confiding in an adult if you think the situation is getting worse

  • Understanding that it's not easy to leave relationships, especially ones that are abusive

  • Giving her/him information about resources for help

  • Offering to go with her/him to talk to someone