Wednesday, January 28, 2009


President Barack Obama's election represented hope and pushed passed a long lifetime of racial barriers. Though we have a lot of other barriers to surpass, I am disappointed that we are still dealing with open racism and ignorant people. Growing up, I never saw myself as being better than white, Asian, Latinos, or other people. I saw myself as being a young African-American girl. I believe that the only thing that makes us different is our skin pigmentation, culture values, and our locations. However, it is evident in this video that what divides us is our lack of respect for one another and our common sense!

This Greenwich Village bakery owner, Ted Kefalinos, is selling what he calls, "Drunken Negro Face" cookies in honor of President Barack Obama. Please look at the above video and tell me what you think. If you were in that neighborhood, would you take it as a joke or would you be offended?

One customer claims Mr. Kefalinos offered these words of wisdom when she visited the bakery:

“Would you like some drunken negro heads to go with your coffee? They’re in honor of our new president. He’s following in the same path of Abraham Lincoln; he will get his.”


What are your thoughts on this?