Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Fall Down, But We Get Up!

I want to first take them time to say thank you to all my readers (new and recurring). I have over 2000 unique readers now and I have only been blogging for a few months. Many of my recurring readers are aware that I pretty much blog about everything of relevance, from family to friends or politics to socialism. Therefore, I want to give this very special gift for you for the New Year, its 2 words: Get Up!

Think about the times when you were at your worst this year. Think about the time when you were at your best. What have you lost and what have you gained? Think about all those who turned their backs away from you. Who have left your life? Who entered your life? Before you enter into this 2009, take the time and recollect on your successes and your failures. Do not make any resolutions. However, decide what you can do with and what you can do without.

Here is my list of what I can do with and what I can do without:
- I can do without the negativity. My mom always tell me not to feed the negativity. I can do with positivity. I am finally listening to her advice.

- I can do without the pressure to change myself. Some people will always have a vision for you. However, there are times when you have to follow the vision that God has set for you. Your decisions and fate is between Him and yourself. I chose to do with loving myself. You should always learn to love you. If you do not love yourself, then who will?

- I can do without the pressure to enjoy life more. Life has its ups and its down. Who is perfect? I can do with being happy with being me and enjoying myself, what else matters?

- I can do without discouragement. There are people in your life that will always tell you that something isn't possible. Sometimes all a person need is a, "yes you can" or "everything will be alright".

I encourage everyone to figure out what you can do with and without this year. Do not make resolutions, make changes. Find a way to make yourself a stronger individual. You do not always need acceptance and to seek someones approval. I have learned that people who try to change who you are, are very unhappy with his/her self. Be happy. Be Grateful. Remember that when you fall down, you can always get back up again. It may not always be in the literal sense, but it is definitely in the spiritual sense.

Please comment and let me know what you can do with and without. Also, I would really like to know how you like my blog and the you tube video. Happy New Year!