Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Save The Drama For Your Mama

I should hope that all my readers had a safe and happy holiday so far. This holiday has been truly blessed for me, as I have spent some quality time with my family and friends. However, as I am accustomed to, this holiday was not without its normal annual drama. I normally expected the drama to occur outside the family, however, the drama occurred internally.

I have a neighbor that stays across the street that sends her son over to take mail out the mailbox, talks about my family "like a dog", and kicked my sister in a public library and shoved me, also! In addition, she has stolen mail and has tried wished very hard that we were not in our home. A year ago, I would never have bothered me. However, this year I have found myself not only growing as person, but as a woman. I am learning to speak up for myself, not be phony, not to be used, and not be walked over.

I have came to the conclusion that I can not please everyone. I am quite sure that most of my readers can relate. I am learning that there are times you must do things that will make yourself happy, protect yourself, and display your strength. Therefore, when I had an encounter with this neighbor who was in my home that I pay bills and rent for, I informed her that I do not like her, among other things. Some people may say that you should keep your enemies closer. However, I am at point where if you are not for me, then you are against me...this goes for anyone.

My grandmother had often told me that I need to keep my enemies closer. I have gotten to the point that I disagree to a certain extent. There are times where you need to let your enemy know that they are your enemy. There are times when you should not be hypocrite. You should not talk about someone behind their back. Whatever you say about someone, you should be able to say to that person. You need to let he/she know that you know what they are up to. I love my enemies, pray for those that hate me and curse me, and also pray for those that mistreat me. Yet, I am at a place where I WILL NO LONGER ENTERTAIN THE NEGATIVITY!

As you enter the new year, look back over your life and find your internal strength to stand up for what you believe in. Don't stand up simply because someone else is standing up. Stand up for yourself. I know for a fact that when family, friends, love ones turn their backs on you, you have only yourself and GOD that will stand up for yourself. I encourage all of you to go into this year peacefully and tell your enemies to back off!!!

Be a leader and lead your own life for yourself.
To work in the world lovingly means that we are defining what we will be for, rather than reacting to what we are against. - Christina Baldwin