Friday, November 7, 2008


Have you ever thought clearly as to why President Bush is so very popular? After all, he has served two terms in office. I know that many of my readers are so saddened that his term has finally come to end. Therefore, I just want to give you a brief synopsis of the accomplishments and promises that he have made since he has been in office:

While President Bush has been in office:
  • Unemployment has risen from 3.9% to 7.8%;

  • 42 States will or expect to make Medicaid Cuts;

  • 41.2 Million People in America Have NO Health Insurance;

  • The number of Americans living in poverty rises for first time in eight years;

  • Overall economic growth at 1 percent, the lowest for any administration in 50 years;

  • The value of Americans' stock holdings down $4.5 trillion and a 30 percent drop in the value of IRAs and 401(k) plans;

  • A projected budget surplus of $5.6 trillion converted into a deficit of $400 billion;

  • "Consumer Comfort" has dropped from +20 to -20 in one year;

  • Bush Budget Posted First Deficit Since 1997, Predicted Deficits Until 2005;

  • 98% of Pension Funds expected to be Under-Funded;

  • ...Bush went to war for our country and found the weapons of mass destruction. I'm sorry, that was a lie!!!
"Every single child in America must be educated, I mean every child. ... There's nothing more prejudiced than not educating a child." -- George W. Bush [presidential debate versus Vice President Al Gore, Oct. 11, 2000]

Bush got his "No Child Left Behind" bill passed. Ted Kennedy called Bush's proposal a "tin cup budget" that "may provide the resources to test our children, but not enough to teach them." Outcome: The New Hampshire School Administrators Association calculated that Bush's plan imposed at least $575 per student in new obligations. His budget, however, provides just $77 per student. My books personally costs way more than $77 dollars. What Bush meant was every child will be educated? The education simply will not be a quality one.

"First and foremost, we got to make sure we fully fund LIHEAP, which is a way to help low-income folks, particularly here in the East, to pay for their high fuel bills," Bush said. [Presidential Debate in Boston, MA, 10/3/00]

In Bush's FY 2003 budget proposal, LIHEAP funding was reduced by $300 million, from $1.7 billion in FY 2002 to $1.4 billion, a decrease of 18 percent. I know some middle-income people that has attempted to use LIHEAP to get relief on there gas or light bills. However, now most people will be lucky if they pay $100.00. If you own or home, you already know how much gas and list costs. The LIHEAP cut came at a time where an increase is needed due to the recession and increased unemployment. I wonder who pays for Bush's gas and light bill.

"...Future generations shouldn't be forced to pay back money that we have borrowed. We pay back money that we have borrowed. We owe this kind of responsibility to our children and grandchildren..." Bush [March 2001]

"We can cut the deficit in half over the next five years." (President's State of the Union Address, Federal Document Clearing House Political Transcripts, January 20, 2004)

As of November 7, 2008 we are in debt. Bush wants to blame it on Wall Street. However, the National Debt increased an average of $1.69 billion per day in 2003! According to President Bush, “Wall Street got drunk.... It got drunk and now it’s got a hangover. The question is how long will it [take to] sober up. And then we have the housing issue.” So if President Bush believes that Wall Street got drunk, then has been doing drugs for 8 years!!!


I don't mean to sound negative, but I am simply stating facts. I strongly believe that going forward we should remember our current President's legacy and what we have been through and are still going through. Once we have this full realization, then it is up to us to effect where we are going. We can effect our future right now and do not have to wait four to eight years to do so.

The election is over. However, the fight for the "American Drean" is only the beginning. Have faith in your own voice. Make sure that promises made are kept and not forgotten. I have faith in Obama, however, I also have faith in my voice. I want to encourage everyone to continue to exercise there rights and remember the promises made by our current and new leaders. It is up to us to make sure that our DREAMS are fulfilled.

Please comment and tell me what you think. If there are other Bush promises not kept, which I know there are, please comment about it. Thanks.