Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friends Aren't Jumper Cables

Over the past few days, especially this Thanksgiving holiday, I have come to the conclusion that I am too darn predictable. Perhaps, I am paranoid. I have just always been the dependable, adjustable person. I am always there when someone needs me, no complaints. I have also always adjustment my life around someones schedule. The truth is, it has always been a pattern and had never wavered and I had no problem with being me, until know. The fact is I have gotten to the point where I either hurt myself by being too darn predictable or allow friends/family to hurt me by being me.

I had made plans for a family/friend outside visitor. It was the type of plans where serious heartfelt thought and money was put in too. I wasn't breaking my back or anything, as usual I just wanted someone else to be happy and enjoy their visit. Now imagine the plans being changed at the last minute, not once but twice, and you being excluded from the new plans!!! Now imagine, people looking at you like you are crazy and have no reason to be upset.

Friends aren't jumper cables. You don't throw them into the trunk and pull them out for emergencies. (Charlie Krueger)

What happens when people start to take advantage of your relationship with them? What happens when people that you are either friends or family members begin to put you aside like an old shirt, and only take you out when they want to wear the shirt again? You can be a friend of someones, but are they truly a friend to you?

I wrote in a previous post that people are in your life for a season, it could be a short or long season, they will decide for you. When it gets to the point where people use your kind and predictable nature, unknowingly or knowingly, to their advantage and hurt you, and not apologize then it is time for a change. I am at a point now, when I have to face some very tough decisions. Like a turtle, I have to put on my hard shell and only come out when necessary. I am writing this post to see if I am wrong in my thinking and to get some other opinions.

If you agree or don't agree, please comment and tell a friend.