Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Mammy, Do You Know Michelle?:

I often wondered who you were. I have heard your name brought up a lot recently and I have became curious. I have heard Michelle Obama called "Mammy" recently on a blog I had visited. Well, Mammy, I am very unfamiliar with you. Therefore, I decided to do some research.

I learned recently that your name, "mammy" mean that you are a female slave who is content and happy to be slaves. Your grin, hearty laughter, and loyal servitude is served as evidence of the "supposed" humanity of the institution of slavery. Though it is all very stereotypical, I have learned that you are only fit to be a domestic worker...or house slave. Mammy you are too busy serving as a surrogate mother/grandmother to white families. You are also so loyal to white families that you are willing to die for them. You are also very demeaning to not only African-American women, but to all women as well. Mammy you were created at a time where women could not vote, could not work without getting permission, and all you were good at was bearing children.

Well, Mammy, you are nothing like the Michelle Obama that I have read and heard about. Michelle Obama had resigned as vice president of community and external affairs at the University of Chicago to focus on her husbands presidency. Mammy, Michelle Obama is really breaking the negative historical barriers that you have had on our community for decades. When I look at the image of a black women or just a women period, I see strong and no limitations. I see future. I see black and white. I see education and legacy. I see teachers, doctors, lawyers, and First Lady.

Mammy, Michelle Obama has not just her Ivy League Degrees, a high-profile job, but a very loving family. Unlike you, she has no restrictions on what she can do. Unlike you, she is a positive role model for all women regardless of color.

This is to all of those people who still uses the terms "nig**a", "house nig**a", "mammy", and other racist terms. We need to get out of the misrepresentation and racism of the past. Focus on the positiveness of the future for our future and present generations. Presidential-Elect Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama represents the needs of all Americans, black, white, Asian, Korean, Hispanic, etc. Let's work together and bring our minds from the negativeness of the past and bring it to a good prospective future.