Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Date Your Own Kind?

We usually like to convince ourselves that racial discrimination does not exist. However, the truth is that race matters period. No matter where you go, who you are, race will always play a huge factor, especially when it comes to the subject of interracial dating.

When you ask people whether they are racist, they will always say no. But when you ask them if they can date someone from a different race, that is when you realize that somehow, deep down people still have racial traces embedded in them. Sometimes our parents claim that they love all races, however, try bringing home a significant other from the opposite race and see how they react.

My best friend is Asian and I am black. When we go different places or hang out at the mall, many people stare. Sometimes I find myself wondering are they staring cause an Asian girl is hanging out with a black girl or vice versa. Then, she told me a story about her going out with her friend, who is black, to a restaurant. After her and her friend sat down at this restaurant, Olive Garden, a lady went to the table right next to her and begun to just stare at her. My friend tried to ignore it and engage in conversation with her date. However, after a while it became so obvious that my friend just asked her why she was staring. The lady, who was black, replied that she was tired of people like her...(I guess Asian women), stealing her man. The guy stated to the lady that he had no idea who she was and why would he want to date a racist bigot like her. Needless to say, the conversation took a turn for the worst. Therefore, in summary, the lady have a very stereotypical and racial mindset and she wanted to behave ignorantly.

When I decided to vote this past election, I never saw black or white. I voted on character. Now I realize that race is playing a major impact in almost every facet of our lives. I am beginning to compare people who are racist to Adolph Hitler. It hardly seems necessary to state why arguments that were supported by such people are automatically cast in a dubious light today.

Regardless of race, do you have a story in which you faced racism or gender bias? Do you favor interracial dating? Tell me what you think about this post. There are no right or wrong answers.