Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is A FACT: We Are "Our Brother's Keeper"

This photo is an accurate depiction of the way I view my heart...broken and pieces of it scattered within the nations I was privileged to work. I look around myself and see so much selfishness. It's all about "me, me, me". What happened to caring about those that are less fortunate? When I came back to the was, literally, like landing on a different planet. Then there is the severe lack of necessities for many of our own citizens. Yet, those "that have"...seemingly care nothing about "those that have not". What's wrong with this picture?

How could so much of all the USA stands for, be trashed in only a few decades. Of course, I was home numerous times for furlough. Yet, any of you that have careers outside the USA know that when you come home on's to get some rest and regain your strength.

The waste of so many natural resources was the biggest disappointment. There are still days when I go into a fruit market, and break down in tears. I know whole groups of people that have never even seen an orange or a lemon. The swollen tummies due to malnutrition of those I saw in so many places... flash before my eyes...and I wonder if those shopping around me are even aware of what is taking place beyond their own borders.

The times I stand in front of the huge fountain near my home is gorgeous...and a sight to behold. Yet, for me it's a reminder of all the places I've been where people don't even have clean drinking water. I've seen disease ravage whole villages due to the lack of clean water.

Then there are those of our own nation that cannot even afford to get the medical help they need...while the rich captains of industry make billions of dollars of profit in 90 days. What's wrong with this picture?

Our own nation is suffering due to many natural disasters. The state I reside is one of the states that was hit hard with the flooding. The governor called for the National Guard to help. Well...guess what? The number of National Guard that was needed was NOT available. They are in Iraq & Afghanistan. What's wrong with this picture?

Why are so many victims of Hurricane Katrina still suffering? Where's the media coverage for this ongoing tragedy? Do we just forget about them since they are not in the news every day? What's wrong with this picture?

Our citizens cannot get affordable medications. We were told not to go over the border into Canada to purchase these medications as they may not be safe. Yet, China produces large quantities of medications that have created havoc in the lives of there were huge recalls. What's wrong with this picture?

Why are so many of our jobs being outsourced? Why are these companies given tax breaks? Many that I know had pets that died due to contaminated pet food from China. I also know children that had gotten ill due to the lead contained within the toys that were manufactured in China. Did you know that parts of our US Passports are now being outsourced? What's wrong with this picture?

The greed in the lending institutions appears to be the worst of so many are losing the very roof over their heads. I cannot close this post out without letting you know of what I've observed in numerous "churches". Many cannot afford to feed their families. Many "churches" have food pantries. However, some of these "churches" will not give the necessary food until the individual or family first sits through one of their services and commits to begin attending their church. This isn't "giving" at's bribery! This example was not about only one "church"...but many.

You may not need help today...but none of us knows what tomorrow holds. None of us had a say into which nation we were born, and none of us had a say into which family we were born. You could just as well have been born in Sudan, Zimbabwe, etc., etc., etc. There are, literally, dozens of other examples I could mention...but I think you get my point.

Whether you believe it or not...makes no difference to the FACT that "We are our brothers keeper"