Friday, October 3, 2008

"A Hockey Town Family"

We are a four generation hockey family. My siblings and I were all born in Detroit, went to school and played sports in Detroit: "Hockey Town".

Out of the entire family, I was the only one whose career choice had taken me beyond the borders of the USA for nearly 30 years and across four continents. Now that I'm back in the USA it feels as if I've landed on a different planet.

My dad played hockey. When my brothers came along, they were taught the sport, too. Hockey can be a bit expensive, especially since my dad was from an immigrant family trying to make a new start. Yet, hockey was something that was loved and enjoyed by the entire family. The financial sacrifice well worth it.

Then my brothers had children. They got their sons involved in hockey. Their sons, however, took it to a whole new level with competition. Now, two of my nephews have sons. They, too, have their boys involved in hockey. They are involved with the MAHA (Michigan Amateur Hockey Association). Of course, girls have a team, too. My niece, however, chose to play basketball.

Personally, Gov Palin's remark that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull..."is lipstick", was not a representation of the sportsmen like conduct I've seen. It was more the opposite. Yet, this was later said to be "a joke". Right!

There was much about her speech that I found, more than a bit, distasteful. Yet, I only wanted folks to see through the eyes of someone from "Hockey Town". I don't know about other families, but at no time would I have ever compared the women in my family to pit-bulls with lipstick. Nor, would I compare the men to pit-bulls. These are hard working folks that desired to instill in their children good conduct, fairness and a real sense of true teamwork. They have all been successful in reaching these goals.



PS. I even wear my autographed N.Lindstom jersey while watching the "Red Wings" games :)