Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Aha and Then...***POOF***"

Well what do you know, Kathleen Parker’s “A Ha!” moment, where one realizes that the emperor has no clothes has dissipated? Instead, Ms Parker’s concern about Sarah Palin’s ability to lead the country has been swept up in the euphoria of the performance of Sarah Palin. Now she praises the Governor’s ability to ignore questions and instead “hammer” out talking points. We deserve better from a person who would claim, “Don’t kill the messenger” the day before the debate. Ms Parker observed that the replies she had gotten from supporters of Gov. Palin and the Republican Party accused her of being a traitor, wishing that she were dead. In her newest column, she noted the following:

” The Katie Couric interview that was such a disaster for Palin -- and that prompted me to conclude that she was out of her league and should leave the ticket -- was awful precisely because Palin couldn't explain anything. For whatever reason, she couldn't even speak coherently.

The debate format clearly worked better for her because she could control her message and keep pounding well-rehearsed talking points. Does that mean she is ready to lead the free world should circumstances warrant?

That question remains. Right next to same question about Barack Obama. “


Wow! What a turnaround, and now to top it off she is claiming that Barack Obama needs to prove that he is ready to lead the free world. Ms Parker used Sarah Palin’s inability to answer questions as her basis for determining her belief that the governor was not suitable. She freely admits that in the debate Gov. Palin avoided questions she most likely could not answer. Does it not follow that Senator Obama has passed this test in the numerous interviews and the articulate well-founded answers that he has given to the specific questions that Gov. Sarah Palin is unprepared to answer?