Wednesday, October 15, 2008


6 Blog Tips on How to Create More Traffic with your Blog and Impress the Hell out of Everyone: Hail To The Great Blog...

1) Have a great template and a flashy banner. First impressions, are lasting impressions. Your blog should have a great theme and your template should incorporate that theme. As your blog become more established, you can replaced it with splashier templates. Check out the following link if you are looking for ideas:

2) Stick to a specific topic and theme. Provide useful and important information for your readers. Keep in mind that people are seeking information when they arrive at your blog. Make sure that your information is current, accurate, and your sources are verified. This information will help you gain the trust of your readers.

3) GET FRESH CONTENT DAILY WITH SYNDICATE KAHUNA. Syndicate Kahuna is a “Content Syndication Blog Network”. It automates updating of blogs with fresh, relevant contents. Once you are signed up with Syndicate Kahuna, you will receive relevant topics to your blog, which are all human reviewed based on the categories and/or keywords that you choose when signing up. By adding a php script to your blog root, you will receive these fresh topics.

4) Comment, Comment, Comment!!! Comment on other people's blog who has a blog page similar to yours. Develop a give and take with your fellow bloggers. If you comment on there blog, 9 times out of ten, they will return the favor.

5) Post Regularly...But Don't Over Due It!!! Post at least two or three times a week. Make sure you do not post everyday. Give your readers a chance to build to comment and you a chance to respond. You do not want your site to look like a spam blog.

6) RESPOND!!! RESPOND!!! RESPOND!!! Respond to my blog via the comment section. Include your name or alias, blog URL, and what your blog is about. It is very, very, important to network. BE SOCIAL. If you are social, you will benefit in the long run.