Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Friends, Instead of Family Help You Live Longer?

The attached article discusses the fact that there are some times in your life that you have friends that are closer to you then your own family. I believe that positive people in your lives will make you live longer. It doesn't matter where they are friends or family. I have had a very hectic year, as I am quite sure everyone can relate. When some people, not all, seemed to have abandoned me or danced to their own beat, my close family and one friend have remained relentlessly positive and consistent. There can be some family and friends that will not only use but also judge you. Therefore, I am lucky to have my mom, aunt, and that one friend that is always positive I can always count on.

Having positive people in your life can create a less stressed environment. Everyone, rich or poor, black or white, has experienced some form of stress. KEEP POSITIVE PEOPLE CLOSE !!! LIVE LONGER!!! Thanks mom, aunty, and le for always being that positive rock I can always count on.

Can you relate? Tell me about a time where you felt alone and your best friend was right there?